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The video shows SS officer Walter Gieseke overseeing the construction of a 1,000 mile road where thousands of prisoners died from exhaustion or were shot.

Senior officers are seen drinking tea, chatting and smoking as they order the weak and emaciated prisoners to carry out back-breaking work.

In the recently-obtained black and white footage, he is seen ordering workers, inspecting camps, and taking delivery of a column of slave labourers.He created maps and pictures showing the atrocities which he used as a testimony against the SS and his evidence led to Gieseke being questioned by West German war crimes investigators in 1960 but he escaped justice claiming he was just an administrator and took his secrets to the grave. 'Unfortunately, this footage has come a little late for Arnold and it would have been nice for Gieseke to have faced justice while he was alive.His niece Nadia Lasserson, 67, of London, said her uncle had campaigned right up until his death in 1985. 'But I’m pleased people will finally know the truth about the awful treatment this man subjected thousands of people to.' Daghani was well-liked by his Nazi tormentors and regularly produced oil paintings of their families and friends.Amazingly, the film reel has laid undisturbed for decades before it was spotted among a pile of rubbish during a clean-out of Cullompton Baptist Church in Devon in 2006.Dr Bennett, of the University of Plymouth, said today: 'Gieseke was part of the Nazi police so he was an experienced liar.'He set up a series of 'get out' clauses for himself so his involvement could never be proved.'He said he was a 'pen-pusher' who spent his days sat behind a desk and didn't get out much, so he had no idea of the atrocities going on during the building of the road.'He claimed he was scared of SS members and pointed the blame at other people.'But this footage shows that he was not behind a desk at all.

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