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Information about Christians who aided them, the activities of partisans, arrival of Red Army. Wachtel's testimony describes a reunion of several members of his family at the Transnistria concentration camp in the Mogilev-Podolsk area of Ukraine.

The testimony draws from Angress's personal diary and other sources, all of which are listed in a short bibliography.

Several letters to Berthold family of Wilmersdorf, Germany, describing adjustment to life in New York City.

Bernard Nissenbaum's deportation from France and imprisonment in several concentration and labor camps: detailed descriptions of conditions in the Trzebinia camp, the status and treatment of wealthy Jews as compared to that of other inmates, the separation of various nationalities in Birkenau, the situation of the "Muselmänner" in various camps, relationships between Kapos and inmates, the Warsaw ghetto prior to the uprising.

Also included is information about the Cleveland survivors' family members who perished in the Holocaust.

Harry Burger's memoir describes the persecution of Austrian Jews in 1933, his family's flight from Austria to Italy and France after the Anschluss, his imprisonment at the Sospel camp, and his participation in an underground resistance movement.

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