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Another "structural memory effect" is in effect on the structure of LDHs the anions that were present in solution during synthesis.The size of the basal spacing strongly correlated with size of anions in the mother liquor .Mg-Al-LDHs with different Mg/Al mol ratio were studied.Adsorption of different organic substances on the layered double hydroxides (LDHs) of different composition was studied.

The pore volume (Vp) values were determined by using the t-plot method of De Boer.

Directly related to the trivalent cation content, the anionic exchange capacity may vary in a large range between 0.1 and 5 meq/g.

Even for the lower value, it corresponds to twice the layer charge density of smectite materials, resulting in layers tightly stacked via the attractive forces with the interlayer anions filling the gallery.

It has been found, that at the adsorption of such substances as alcohol and phenols the anion exchange take place.

After the sorption the specific surface and inner distance of LDHs were measured. Keywords: layered double hydroxides, sorption, structure American Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, 2014 2 (1), pp 1-6.

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Thermal behavior was studied by thermo-analytical methods, the samples calcined under air (the temperature was raised with 10 K/min to 1273 K).

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