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Where exactly is the If whistleblowers don't dare reveal crimes and lies, we lose the last shred of effective control over our government and institutions. government official ominously told journalists in 2011 that the U. would not subpoena reporters because "We know who you're talking to." Sometimes journalists' phone call records are subpoena'd to find this out, but Snowden has shown us that in effect they subpoena all the phone call records of everyone in the U. Opposition and dissident activities need to keep secrets from states that are willing to play dirty tricks on them. The point at which surveillance is too much is the point at which the state can find who spoke to a known journalist or a known dissident.

That's why surveillance that enables the state to find out who has talked with a reporter is too much surveillance – too much for democracy to endure. When people recognize that the level of general surveillance is too high, the first response is to propose limits on access to the accumulated data.

Bei der Auswahl unserer Blumen und Pflanzen legen wir Wert auf höchste Frische und Qualität.

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Wir haben für Sie Montag bis Freitag von Uhr bis Uhr geöffnet, Samstag von Uhr bis / Uhr. uabp Mobile){if(window.uabpd4&&window.uabpd4.a&&window.uabpd4.a[3460])window.uabpnewinject=! Editor's Note: Given Richard Stallman's longtime role in promoting software that respects user freedom (including GNU, which just turned 30), his suggested "remedies" for all the ways technology can be re-designed to provide benefits while avoiding surveillance – like the smart meters example he shares below – seem particularly relevant.If limits on access to the data are set aside, it will be as if they had never existed: years worth of dossiers would suddenly become available for misuse by the state and its agents and, if collected by companies, for their private misuse as well.If, however, we stop the collection of dossiers on everyone, those dossiers won't exist, and there will be no way to compile them retroactively.

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