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My body convulsed and thrashed around the dildo that slowed but didn’t stop. The next few minutes (or hours I have no idea) were calm and gentle, soft kisses, no urgency just bliss (from my perspective anyway).

I wanted to make Joanna, my best friend, feel this good but the nerves kicked and I realized that I didn’t know where to begin.

He laid me gently on the bed, kissing my neck and then attacking my tits. Sucking each nipple, biting them, it sent shock waves down my spine.

Feeling the bristles from his unshaven face going down my body, I was about to have a .

Whether we get to do it together or not, I’ll never know…

I felt his cock on my ass, grinding into my cheeks hard. I get close to a mirror and enjoy the extreme closeups, stockings and lingerie looking cute as I enjoy the view of my open pussy with a dildo inside, getting wetter by the second. Just because I am an older lady, doesn’t mean I have to give up on my sexual desires, or keep learning about the sickest kinks, that bring out the best and the worst in me.I did’n not know if she would freak out or give in to pleasure.We had never really crossed that line, but as soon as we got into the pool, I started telling her about my secret and well-kept desires.My hips were grinding into him, I grabbed his hair and tried to hold on but my clit was throbbing. No need to play good girl when you can be bad and have a lot more fun, at least, until I find a man who can make me feel.He turned and threw his leg over me, he was naked now…I didn’t even see him take his pants off! Curling up under the covers, I don’t bother hooking up the vibrator; I know I don’t need it to shake when I’m getting it on. Pleasure streaks like lightning through my entire body for .

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While seeing all the girls dancing and jumping and splitting made me so horny so I went to my room.

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