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Beyond the Convention Center, you will find Comic-Con programming at four other locations in downtown: the San Diego Central Library, the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, the Horton Grand Theatre, and the Marriott Marquis.

Programs at the Central Library are located in the Shiley Special Events Suite (9th Floor) and the Neil Morgan Auditorium (ground floor, opposite the library). Programs at the Hilton Bayfront, just south of the Convention Center, are in the Indigo Ballroom.

Hollywood movie and television studios go to great lengths and expense to bring these special presentations for Comic-Con.

In many cases they are exclusive, specifically for If any of these special presentations appear on the Internet, the studios may stop bringing the footage and exclusive content we all love so much.

At all times, please be courteous to your neighbors.

Comic-Con is once again using the massive 6,500-seat hall known as Hall H.

It spans all four days and includes 19 separate rooms in the Convention Center, ranging from 168 seats to the massive 6,500-seat Hall H.

This break is to help get attendees in and out in a timely manner. (The programs in the other rooms—2, 4, 5AB, 7AB, 8, 9, 11, 23ABC, 24ABC, 25ABC, 26AB, 28DE, 29AB, 32AB, and the Indigo Ballroom—will still run back-to-back without breaks.) basis.

Because of the sheer number of attendees, simply having a badge does not guarantee a seat in programs and events or an autograph from a specific celebrity.

Comic-Con has an exemplary record in this regard, and that’s why you’ll continue to see exclusive material only at our events, but only When asking questions of the people on stage, please be courteous.

For example, please don’t ask for a kiss, a hug, an autograph, a baby, a prom date, or the chance to give speakers a copy of your script, résumé, or movie. These celebrities are taking time out of their busy schedules to see Please treat them with respect.

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