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The Ghost Bear is revealed to be Cookie, who resented WWE due to his injury ending his career too soon and plotted the perfect crime to steal the title belt using Scooby as a pawn and tarnish the organization's reputation. Richards (who is now displeased that she was wrong about Scooby stealing the belt), Mr.

Mc Mahon offers Ruben a spot on the WWE roster before awarding the WWE belt to Scooby and Shaggy. Slaughter, Jimmy Hart, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Cameron, and Naomi also appear as non-speaking characters.

Scooby-Doo and Shaggy win an all-expenses-paid stay at WWE City to watch Wrestle Mania after beating the hardest level of the organization's latest video game.

The next morning, the gang is briefed by WWE executive Ms.

Inside, they discover a room with books on hypnotism, schematics of an EMP device, and a calendar indicating that the culprit plans to target Wrestle Mania.

Suddenly, the Ghost Bear appears and chases the gang through a storm drain.

After the gang discovers that the belt is a fake and the EMP device is set to go off in 30 seconds, Cena tries to get rid of it, but it activates and shuts off the underground power generator.

When the Ghost Bear appears and wreaks havoc all over the arena, the WWE wrestlers ignite green pyrotechnics to light up the stage while Scooby uses his dance moves to throw Kane off guard.

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