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It's going to take time to get reacquainted to connecting with strangers you pass on street corners. If you thought someone was attractive, you made it your business to talk to him or her, or you at least had a friend do it for you. It starts with adopting the mentality that even though we've grown and become jaded from rejections past, we are still those same adolescent teenagers looking to connect, feel and explore love.

This is especially true when a lot of us are still looking down at our phones, instead of paying attention to the life that's potentially and literally passing us by. But if you're still baffled regarding how to bring back those old school ways, here are a few ideas from our pubescent years we can reapply: The reason we connected with so many people in our high school days wasn't just because we were all trapped within the same concrete walls.

I was finally disconnected, and I wasn't alone in my choice. Some of us have chosen all along to hold on to our old-fashioned techniques. We are the ones who have relied solely on apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid to make connections in our busy lives, and we're trying to figure out how to reconnect.

It seems like many people have made this their New Year's missions. By disconnecting from the online world of dating, we've realized we've lost our ability to connect in real life.

We've grown accustomed to formulating the perfect opening line, with the ability to delete, redraft and edit until we're finally ready to press send.” Ask this person if he or she would like to go for a drink sometime. " Insert genuine and concrete intent in your interest. Also, don't wait three days to call or text either. If it fails, and you have to end it or are the one being rejected, make sure you do it with some class. At the end of the day, if we could all learn to be a bit nicer to each other — just like when we were younger and uninhibited — it just might spark this crazy throwback to our real-life dating world: the world in which we no longer have to swipe right or left in someone's face.Don't get stuck in that grey area that exists in dating today. Once you've successfully asked someone out, and he or she has accepted in real life (yay! You would think this would be a no-brainer, but I've actually had the experience myself — on more than one occasion — where the person has said he or she would find me on Facebook. Don't be like all those assh*les online, who start spewing hateful names because they literally can't handle being grownups. This is the world in which you didn't ghost on a person because you disconnected from human decency and replaced it with virtual scapegoats.Try something like sending the person your phone number on a napkin. Rejection was an inevitable part of high school, and it's been a continued reality all the way into adulthood. You survived that sh*t like a boss, and you'll do it again. Once you've finally engaged with the person you're into, ask him or her out properly.Have it sent over by the bartender, along with a drink on your tab. None of this, “What's your Twitter and Facebook info? Lose the words “hang out” and “meet up,” and start using words like “Would you like…” and “May I take you out sometime?

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In high school, when you liked someone, you asked him or her out in a simple way. This is the world in which we no longer have to sift through an endless catalog of options. The dating world is real, and it's right in front of you every single day.

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