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The mystery has an engaging story line with good characterization and is nicely written in a simple prose.Although wa This is a Rapid Reads, a 100 pages mystery and an excellent book for those just looking for a fast read.When a young woman goes missing on a nature trail, small-town journalist Claire Abbott is first on the scene, as usual.The clues to the woman's whereabouts are misleading, but Claire has a sixth sense--what the fire chief calls a "radar for crime." Trusting her intuition, Claire insists that the search and rescue team look elsewhere for clues to the woman's disappearance.Usually the character doesn't feel as fully formed.However, the use of established characters means that readers can eventually graduate to the original books.This book is definitely not taxing, a good story with not fuss and lots of suspense.We follow Claire on a snowy chase up a mountainside looking for a young woman gone missing on a nature trail.

#7 is: Wayland-based Vers makes all kinds of nifty i Phone and i Pad cases from sustainably-grown walnut and bamboo, as well as earphones and an i Pod/i Phone docking system. RATING: 3 STARS(Review Not on Blog)This novella is a part of the "Rapid Reads" series which seems more like an abridged version of a novel.They are geared towards those who want quick reads or those struggling with the English language (ESL).This is a Rapid Reads, a 100 pages mystery and an excellent book for those just looking for a fast read.This is the first novel in a series featuring journalist and sleuth Claire Abbott.

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Because there is less description and scene-setting than in a traditional-length novel, the reader has less 'time' in the scene before it moves on. It's not complex; I'm sure that's because it's so short, so if this is or is going to be a series (“A Claire Abbott Mystery” says the cover), I'd love to have these books a little longer to be able to flesh out more. This novella is called a Rapid Read from the publisher because it is short, but also hard to put down.

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