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A large measure of hand finishing remains to this day for quality saws by the very few specialist makers reproducing the 19th century designs. In parts of early colonial North America, it was one of the principal tools used in shipyards and other industries where water-powered sawmills were not available.It was so-named because it was typically operated over a saw pit, either at ground level or on trestles across which logs that were to be cut into boards.A saw is a tool consisting of a tough blade, wire, or chain with a hard toothed edge.

Early European saws were made from a heated sheet of iron or steel, produced by flattening by several men simultaneously hammering on an anvil After cooling, the teeth were punched out one at a time with a die, the size varying with the size of the saw.

The industry gradually mechanized all the processes, including the important grinding the saw plate "thin to the back" by a fraction of an inch, which helped the saw to pass through the kerf without binding .

The use of steel added the need to harden and temper the saw plate, to grind it flat, to smith it by hand hammering and ensure the springiness and resistance to bending deformity, and finally to polish it .

Back saws have different names depending on the length of the blade; tenon saw is often used as a generic name for all the sizes of woodworking backsaw.

Some examples are: A long band welded into a circle, with teeth on one side.

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