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“They had it all cooked before it even got to court.”The two men charged in the killing were Kirk Mundy, then 21, and Justis Smith, then 19.At the time, Mundy was on bail for the armed robbery of a bank vehicle in November 1995, a crime for which he would later be given a 16-year sentence. In exchange for his testimony, Mundy pleaded guilty to being an accessory, while Smith faced a charge of murder.Boris Johnson is under pressure to veto a ban on same-sex marriage on the British overseas territory of Bermuda.In May, the island’s Supreme Court legalised gay marriage despite opposition from conservative groups. For the law to take effect, it requires the signature of British Governor John Rankin, which is normally a formality.One of her brother’s daughters has Rebecca as a middle name.Her other brother’s daughter has Jane as a middle name.Middleton, on an extended vacation with Jasmine, did not.Dave Middleton, now 67, was at work with the local utilities company in Belleville, Ont., when the call came from his former father-in-law.

Rebecca Middleton: When a taxi failed to show after an evening of fun in Bermuda, Middleton and her best friend accepted rides on a motorcycle and moped with two locals. “It wasn’t her fault that she got killed.”Cindy Bennett says she still misses her daughter. it makes every memory of Becky sweeter,” Bennett, 64, says.

Bermuda authorities would later concede the family had suffered a “great injustice,” but nothing changed.

In 2007, internationally renowned human-rights lawyer Cherie Booth, wife of former British prime minister Tony Blair, argued Smith’s murder charge was wrongly dismissed and that Mundy should have faced a more serious charge.“She was going to straighten it out and we were going to get a retrial,” Middleton says.“That didn’t happen.”Ultimately, he says, he just had to move on.“After a few years, you somehow manage to put it in the rear-view mirror instead of out in front all the time. I still think of her as being 17.”Ten years after the murder, Bermuda compensated the Middleton family for pain and suffering.

Meens would also give her daughter the middle name Rebecca.

The man who found Middleton named his daughter Becky.

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It wants the protection of being a British overseas territory but it doesn’t want to uphold British values and principles.‘A British citizen, regardless of what part of Britain they’re from, should have the same rights.’If approved, the law would make Bermuda the first country in the world to cancel gay marriage after previously allowing it.

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