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Northern Chinese cultural elements were introduced by land through the Koguryŏ kingdom, while southern Chinese influences easily crossed the navigable East Asian seas. It originated in the present city of Kyŏngju and eventually came to cover most of southeastern Korea east of the Naktong River.

The original territory of the Silla kingdom, the modern Kyŏngsang-puk province, is a mountain-secluded triangle, a geographic factor that is sometimes offered as an explanation for the distinctiveness and conservatism of its art.) brought a sudden efflorescence of the arts.

The overall effect of a piece of Korean art is generally gentle and mellow. What is most striking is not the rhythm so much as the quiet inner harmony.

It was also during this time that Scythian peoples of the Eurasian steppe.Pecked line drawings and silhouettes of animals, including whales, dolphins, tigers, wolves, and deer, are depicted on a large (8 by 2 metres), smooth vertical surface of the rock.Some of the animals have a “) was the northernmost of the three, both geographically and culturally.The Korean potter was characteristically unconcerned about mechanical perfection of his surfaces, curves, or shapes.His concern was to bring out the inherent or natural characteristics of his materials and the medium.

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The mirrors were also of a non-Chinese type, with twin knobs placed a little off centre against a tightly composed, geometric design made up of finely hatched triangles.

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