Blind dating song end

He didn’t tell them because she’s a cop, but they needn’t worry anymore, because they broke up. When the guard slips out for coffee or whatever, she enters, points the gun at a bedridden, healing Warren, and tells him he’s going to tell the cops he threw the first punch.

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So he explains: “Look, Jamal was the love of my life, and I lost him.

So clearing his name is the least I can do.” She buys it, but then asks for more: He needs to tell her what his crazy aunt has planned for Andre. Andre can’t believe such a highly regarded doctor could be in Diana’s pocket, but apparently she has dirt on him.

As time passes, he thinks that she cheated because he had behaved so badly himself and that he made a mistake by not accepting her apology.

His realization comes a little late, though, as his ex has moved on and is now seriously dating someone else. He knows that [His Ex’s boyfriend] is a good guy and treats [His Ex] well, but that doesn’t stop him from being jealous and lashing out about him. He calls him “Patchouli.” Let’s see: cheating, regret, anger, breakup, jealousy, sadness.

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