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Here you can watch our video tutorial on how to handle bounced emails using the Advanced Email Verifier. I checked 200 emails today so far on 2 different lists and I got over 70% “Unknown” as a response back and very few that are considered bad and the rest are considered good.I then sent out a message to all of those emails I validated except to the bad ones. Why did most of my “Unknown” email addresses turn out to be OK?Or, use an alternate connection modes, for example BPSocks Email Validation API. I have a DB that I am constantly adding emails too. My question is, how do I check only the new emails that have been added.I don’t want to keep checking the same emails over again and having to use my bpsocks credits.Do not use the direct Internet connection mode if you installed the Advanced Email Verifier on a local computer.

Note that the Advanced Email Verifier works like a SMTP server and uses the port 25 to connect to the recipient’s mail server and verify the email address.

If you have a fast connection to the Internet, you can set 500 threads to speed up the verification process.

For example, we were able to verify 10 000 emails in an hour. I did a test with non existing emails and I got ' Good' status. Note that the Advanced Email Verifier (just like any other email verifying program) can determine up to 70-90% of bad addresses.

AEV that imitates sending a message "thinks" that the email address is valid, disconnects from the server and marks this email as OK.

Thus, all the addresses from such domains can be verified only after sending a message to the user.

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